Why was Toucan for Children set up?

Janice Watkins and Angie Beard, Toucan’s founders, have known each other for over 25 years and set up Toucan for Children in March 2010.

Their respective careers in Social Work, Probation and Cafcass had taught them the importance of meeting the emotional needs of children in order for their outcomes to be improved.  The lack of front line services responding to children’s emotional needs provided the impetus for them to retrain as Play Therapists and set up Toucan for Children.

During their respective careers in Social Work, Probation and Cafcass they recognised the negative consequences for children who did not get appropriate emotional/ mental health support when it was needed. These consequences often had a long-term effect on the children, their families and wider-society. There was a huge unmet need for therapeutic services for children.  They decided they wanted to develop an affordable and accessible therapeutic service which respected the uniqueness of each child.

What is Play Therapy?

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